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A Variety of Spanish Programs
including Group, Semi-Private & Private Lessons

Meztli would love to provide Spanish classes for you and you are invited to join very small group classes that begin each and every Monday of the year. Meztli also offers private lessons that can be adapted to your schedule and specific language needs. Can't decide which to take? Meztli features a semi-private option giving you group classes in the morning and private sessions right after. All of our classes are available for all Spanish levels, including very beginning to very advanced. Students select the number of weeks they'd like to study as well as their start date.  Most students select a Monday start date although mid-week starts can also be easily arranged.
Meztli students acquire -- as opposed to study -- Spanish.  We know that people learn their native language by observing, hearing, and copying the language of their environment, and not through memorizing grammar rules. This is the normal -- the natural -- process of language acquisition and this is the method we provide for Meztli students. We follow a proven method to guide our students to Spanish speaking success in the shortest amount of time possible.
Peer Group  Classes: Meztli Spanish School offers small group classes from 9 am to 12 noon, Monday through Friday. Peer Group classes are where you will be placed with a few others of your same Spanish level as determined by the school's written and oral placement tool; it's never more than five students per teacher. Optional afternoon workshops at 5:00 pm continue the learning process with practice and vocabulary acquisition through enjoyable activities such as Mexican cooking class, Salsa dance, handicrafts, games and more. Your tuition rate covers all weekday on-campus activities plus study materials and morning Yoga four days a week.
Semi-private Classes: if you require more than three daily hours of formal lessons, an extended schedule class can be arranged. These 'semi-private classes' offer a combination of the Peer Group class with private lessons.  The private sessions can cover general Spanish or something particular to your interests or profession*.
Private Classes are when just you and a teacher work together one-on-one with general Spanish or something particular to your interests or profession*. Afternoon hours available on-campus every weekday. Mornings schedules available certain times of the year, please ask in advance.
*Note: For those wanting medical Spanish; legal Spanish; business Spanish; Spanish for educators, social workers, or yoga instructors (ask about other professions), please select our semi-private or private classes. Please request these specialized topics in advance so we can have the correct instructor reserved for your lessons.
Spanish for Travel Classes are available to those wanting to learn or improve their Spanish before embarking on an adventure in Latin America.  Learn more >>

Spanish for Tulum locals are offered several times a year with classes two afternoons a week for a 4 week period. Check our schedule >>

Skype or Zoom Spanish Classes offered, more info here >>


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