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Meztli Spanish Language School in Tulum, Mexico

All Inquiries:
Email: (include WhatsApp #) 
WhatsApp text: USA#  +15309194260
Voicemail only:  +15306224262

New!! Tulum Airport (TQO) is open with more flights being added throughout 2024.

Registration questions:  Please register in advance for classes. Copy and paste the following in an email, adding in your responses. Upon receipt we will email you a confirmation and a PayPal invoice for the registration fee.  Tuition should be paid each week at the school with pesos. Send to (put this address in your safe senders list).

Email address:


Is this an inquiry or program registration?

Will you be flying in to the new Tulum airport?
Class type:  (group, semi-private, private):
Start date:
Number of weeks:
Phone number with WhatsApp:
City and state or country of residence:
Spanish goals:

Is this your first trip to Mexico?

Are you in Mexico now?

Your dates needed if you would you like information about a casita or studio next to the school
What is your current Spanish level:
Emergency contact name and number:

How did you learn about our school (have you studied with us before)?

School location map >>

Appointments for all visits, please. WhatsApp text to +15309194260. Without an appointment our staff may be busy teaching classes and will not be able to properly greet you.

Meztili is located in Tulum's Col. Centro, just a few blocks off Tulum's main street.

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