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Meztli Spanish Language School in Tulum, Mexico

Inquiries:  please include a WhatsApp number in your communications. We answer quickly so look in your email's spam folder if you haven't heard from us.

WhatsApp text: USA#  +15309194260 all inquiries

Voicemail only:  +15306224262
Registration questions:

Please register for classes in advance of your start date. Copy and paste the following in an email, adding in your responses. Upon receipt we will email you a confirmation and a PayPal invoice for the registration fee.  Tuition can be paid each week at the school with pesos. 

Email address:

Class type:  (group, semi-private, private):
Start date:
Number of weeks:
Phone number with WhatsApp:
City and state or country of residence:
Spanish goals:

Is this your first trip to Mexico?

Are you in Mexico now?
What is your current Spanish level:
Emergency contact name and number:

How did you learn about our school (have you studied with us before)?

Your hotel, if known:
Your dates needed if you would you like information about a casita or studio by the school

Appointments for all visitors please. Email with your WhatsApp number. Or WhatsApp to +15309194260 (text only please). Without an appointment our staff may be busy teaching classes and will not be able to greet you.

Weekday only appointments, please. Meztili is located on Júpiter Sur near Calle Mercurio Pte. in Tulum's Col. Centro, just a few blocks off Tulum's main street. School map >>

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