Morning Hatha Yoga at Meztli

In addition to Spanish language courses, Meztli offers morning Hatha Yoga sessions Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday free of charge at the school for 50 minute sessions (non-student rate is 50 pesos).  Students are encouraged to participate as this class will help wake the mind and body in preparation for the daily Spanish lessons beginning at 9:00am. Classes will be given in Spanish and provide an opportunity for learning new vocabulary. Whether you are new to yoga or advanced, young or old, these sessions provide something for everyone.


Meztli offers Spanish vocabulary for yoga instructors: These are specialized Spanish classes focusing language for your professional needs including Spanish required for Yoga instruction. Contact us for more information about these private or semi-private classes.


Yogas classes at Meztli Spanish School Tulum
Yoga classes at Meztli Spanish School Tulum