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Meztli Policies (required reading for all students)

Holiday school closures:

When Christmas and New Year's Day are on a Monday in 2023, classes will begin on Tuesday and you won't be charged for the missed day.

Why is there a registration fee at Meztli?

Instead of charging more for tuition each week we separate it and call part of it a registration fee. Since some weeks we can fill to capacity, we require students to commit to classes by paying this fee. It is also a way to give a discount to students studying more than one week.  Also note too that Meztli doesn't charge an extra fee for study materials, for wifi, yoga, Mexican cooking classes and other activities that happen on campus.

What is Meztli's cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel or reschedule a Spanish class, please contact us through the WhatsApp chat that will be set up for you prior to your start date:

  • Less than 5 hours notice by student: payment for 100% the class is required.

  • Notice less than 24 hours but more than 5 hours: payment of 75% for the class is required.

  • All other cancellations will be charged 50% for that day's missed class.

Payment of your non-refundable lifetime registration fee is the final step in finalizing your registration.  Even if you need to cancel, this registration fee will apply to any and all future classes with Meztli.

When purchasing a block of private lessons each block of 10 hours must be completed within 4 weeks of start date. Tuition paid is not transferable to another person.


Payment of your registration fee will guarantee your rate, otherwise rates on this website are subject to change.

What should I pack for my trip?

Biodegradable sunscreen should only be used. It may be best to use none at all and bring a sun protective swim shirt. You will also want to bring paper, pen or pencil, flip-flops, a hat, mosquito repellent, beach towel, comfortable walking shoes, waterproof camera, small flashlight, windbreaker, earplugs. Don't forget to bring a mask, restaurants do require them to enter. Yoga mats are provided by the school.

We suggest you bring your home currency to cover your first week of tuition and exchange it for pesos.  There are money exchange houses on the main Street in Tulum and at the Cancun airport that will give you pesos in exchange for paper currency.  Please note that online exchange rate calculators are more favorable than the money exchange houses, at least about a 5% difference.

Non-smoking campus:

Smoking or vaping is not allowed in any area of the school grounds. Please go outside the school property if you'd like to smoke or vape.


By embarking upon his/her travel, the traveler voluntarily assumes all risks involved in such travel, whether expected or unexpected.

​Travel insurance:

Although traveler's insurance is not required in order to participate in the Meztli program, it is highly recommended.


Businesses mentioned on this website are not considered recommendations by Meztli, but are suggestions.

Please read for important information:

Travel Tips (dated January, 2023):

1)  Make sure your passport has at least 6 months validity at the time of your trip.
2) You can get your Multiple Immigration Form (also known as a tourist card) for Cancun airport by visiting  (print a hard copy) or it will be available to fill out on your arriving flight into Mexico. When going through immigration you will be given a portion of this form back, be sure not to lose it as it will be required for departure. Upon entering Mexico and going through immigration (inmigración) watch carefully for the number of days they write on your tourist card. If it will not cover the length of your stay, insist they change the amount of time. Be insistent (can be up to 180 days). It is very difficult to get extensions if the wrong length of time is written. Also, you may be asked to show the tourist card when traveling in Mexico, they want to be sure you are not staying longer than what your tourist card states.
3) Check your country's requirements for Covid testing before you fly. For your departure from Mexico, Covid tests are readily available in Tulum. Many students use CostaMed in Tulum. CostaMed's quick Antigen test typically gives results within 1 hour. Don't smoke or use nasal drops or spray at least 3 hours prior to testing. Please be aware that these regulations are country-specific and can change so do check while you are in Tulum.
4) From your cell phone provider find out the rates for using your phone in Mexico. You can buy Mexico sims cards including at the Cancun airport and OXXO convenience stores.
5) Find out if your ATM and credit card issuer requires a notification of international travel. Carrying a second ATM card may be a good idea in the event you lose one.
6) ATMs typically offer the best exchange rates (although some ATM fees will likely apply) and there are peso dispensing ATMs in Tulum including Tulum banks (CiBanco and HSBC), the Chedraui supermarket, plus at the Cancun airport. There is a daily withdrawal limit depending on your bank so you might ask them in advance of your trip. When taking money out of ATMs, decline the second option for the conversion rate. This option is a way for ATMs to take as much as 6% from you. Declining the conversion will still let you take money out, but your bank will calculate the conversion giving you a much better rate.  
7) Don't accept torn or marked pesos, typically no one will accept them when you try to spend them. Carry a range of notes and coins with you. American dollars are accepted in some places but you will receive a less favorable rate.
8) Biodegradable sunscreen should only be used. It may be best to use none at all and bring a sun protective swim shirt. You will also want to bring paper, pen or pencil, flip-flops, a hat, mosquito repellent, beach towel, comfortable walking shoes, waterproof camera, small flashlight, windbreaker, mask and earplugs if you are noise sensitive. If you use a bike helmet, bring your own. Yoga mats are provided by the school.
9) If flying in to Cancun, completely ignore the timeshare vendors and sellers of transportation.  We can connect you with private drivers before your trip or you can take a bus from the airport. Please note there is much construction on the highway between Cancun and Tulum so your trip can take up to 3 hours one way. Driver's will be adding a surcharge to their fee to cover extra time on the road.
10) A PayPal account can be accessed by the account holder and used from any country where PayPal services are offered, including Mexico. However, if you try access from public computers PayPal will likely block your attempts.
11) Cancellation and other policies are on our Frequently Asked Questions page at  We require all students to review policy information on this page prior to arrival.
12) Please be sure to check the local time in Tulum, your phone may not reflect the correct time due to the area not following day light savings time like the rest of Mexico.
13) In sit down restaurants the standard tip is 10%. Especially if your taxi driver is handling bags it would be nice to tip 10 to 20 pesos. You may want to bring extra small bills (such as 1usd) as they work well for tips when you do not have small denomination pesos.
14) In Mexico the toilet paper goes in the bin and is not flushed. This is due to inadequate plumbing.
15) If you are looking for a bicycle to rent while in Tulum, please let us know as the caretaker for the Meztli campus has adult bikes for rent.


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