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Frequently Asked Questions of Meztli Spanish Language School

Who owns and manages Meztli Spanish School?


The school's owner, Sara Luna, has an educational background as well as many years of experience in teaching Spanish as a second language to foreigners in Cuernavaca, Mexico. In 2012 Sara created Meztli Spanish Language School in her new hometown of Tulum with the goal to balance work and family, and focus on providing more of what the student needs through a personalized program. As resident owner/director, Sara personally meets every student to ensure each has the learning experience they planned for.  Her own interest in yoga was added to a full extra-curricular schedule that includes Mexican cooking and Salsa dance lessons. Sara, the mother of three boys, is excited to also offer children's Spanish classes at Meztli.

Is Tulum safe from Covid?:

As with any place in the world, Covid is also in Mexico and in Tulum. Do not travel if you are ill or have been exposed to Covid (or other illness) unless you have clearance from your doctor saying you are not contagious. Please be aware before you travel that Meztli Spanish School cannot guarantee your health or safety. Meztli does not require students to be tested before coming to the school or while attending the school. Students that do get ill with Covid must leave the Spanish program while contagious. Medical care is available in Tulum. Covid tests are available in Tulum, the cost is around $200us.

On what date do new classes begin at Meztli Spanish Language School in Tulum, Mexico?


Typically students begin class on a Monday and lessons end on Friday, new classes begin each week of the year. For mid-week starts your daily tuition will be 1/5 your weekly rate.  Students study as many weeks as their schedule permits and our director, Sara Luna, will outline a plan to help you to reach your language goals.


Holiday school closures:

Because Christmas and New Year's Day are on Saturday in 2021 there are no holiday school closures for this year.


What time do classes begin and end?


Spanish classes begin at 9:00 am, however, an 8:00 am arrival for orientation and placement is requested for your first day of class. Tuesday through Friday optional yoga sessions begin at 8:00 am.


Classes typically end at 12:00 noon giving students time for sightseeing and visits to the beach. For those wanting a more intensive experience, a 4 and 5 hour study day can be easily arranged upon request.


When are yoga classes offered?


Hatha Yoga is offered at 8:00 am free of charge for students each Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. For students beginning Spanish classes midweek, you will be able to take yoga the following day. Small fee for non-students.


What time are afternoon activities at the Spanish school?


At 5:00 pm Mexican cooking lessons, salsa dancing lessons, Mexican crafts, and other activities are offered free of charge to all students each Monday through Friday. A signup sheet will be available during orientation each Monday of the week. Non-students are welcome to make a reservation, a 50 peso non-student fee will be charged.


How do I know which Spanish class I'll be in?


Class assignment for the peer group classes is done by the school's director and is based on a short written placement exercise requested prior to arrival and then a verbal interview on the first day of class. Classes are available for beginning, intermediate and advanced students of all ages as well as classes for specialized vocabulary including Legal Spanish, Medical Spanish, Business Spanish, and Spanish for Yoga instruction, among others.


Why is there a registration fee at Meztli?

Instead of charging more for tuition each week we separate it and call part of it a registration fee. Since some weeks we can fill to capacity, we require students to commit to classes by paying this fee. It is also a way to give a discount to students studying more than a week.  Also note too that Meztli doesn't charge an extra fee for study materials, for wifi, yoga, cooking classes, Latin dance lessons and other activities!

Tuition and optional Mexican host family accommodations are priced separately, tuition rates can be found  on our Spanish Classes page and homestay rates on our Accommodations page.

When do I pay my fees?


The registration fee is for first time Meztli students only and you'll be emailed a PayPal invoice upon registration.

Tuition should be paid at the school with Mexican pesos at the start of each week.


If enjoying one of the school's host families, please pay the family for your stay with pesos at the start of each week.

There are no fees for books or materials at Meztli.

​What is the cancellation policy?


Payment of your non-refundable lifetime registration fee is the final step in finalizing your registration.  If you need to cancel, this registration fee will apply to any and all future classes with Meztli.

If you need to cancel or reschedule a Spanish class, please contact us through the group WhatsApp you've been provided :

At least 24 hour notice by student: a 50% payment for the class is required

Less than 24 hour notice but more than 5 hour: payment of 75% for the class is required

Less than 5 hours notice: payment for 100% the class is required

Where is Tulum, Mexico?


The town of Tulum is located in Mexico’s state of Quintana Roo, 80 miles (132 km) south of Cancún or 39 miles (63 km) south of Playa del Carmen. Most students fly into the Cancún International Airport however there is also bus service from all over Mexico.


How do I get from the Cancún airport to Tulum?


Bus: There are a few daily non-stop buses between Aeropuerto Cancún, Q.Roo and Tulum, find times at Around 255 pesos one way (de ida)  Or you can take an ADO bus directly from the Cancún airport to Playa del Carmen (~$220 pesos, one hour).  After you get off the bus in Playa del Carmen you can purchase an ADO bus ticket to Tulum at the "taquilla". The bus will first stop at the Tulum ruins, but stay on the bus until you arrive at Tulum's bus station on the main street of town. Buses typically run about every hour (~100 pesos, one hour) 365 days of the year. You can buy tickets at the Cancun airport, please note that if you purchase in advance of arrival and you are delayed, you will not be compensated for the missed bus.


Shuttle or Taxi:  Paradise Transfers offers Cancun to Tulum airport transfers. Unlike other shuttle companies Paradise Transfer will deliver to a resident address, not just a limited number of hotels in Tulum. Whatsapp +52 1 998 850 10 10 or Toll-free in the USA at 1-800-594-8976. Please mention Meztli when reserving as they do offer Meztli students a discount.


How far is Meztli Spanish Language School from the famous Tulum white sand beaches?


The town of Tulum is located 3k from the Caribbean Sea with about another kilometer to the school. Many ride bikes along the town's new "cycle pista". Bicycle rentals are available in Tulum by the day for about 100 pesos (and cheaper when renting by the week). Taxis between the town and beach are $100-150 pesos (higher rate at night). For transportation around the town of Tulum taxis are $40-50 pesos, however, most walk or ride bikes as traffic is light.


Where can I rent a bike in Tulum?

There are several bike shops in town where you can rent bikes. If you are needing a bike for a month or longer it is often cheaper to purchase a bike then sell it at the end of your stay. Our director at Meztli will be happy to assist with the process. If staying with one of the Meztli host families, they will provide a bike to ride.


Are there ATM machines in Tulum?


Yes, you will find ATMs in Tulum including at the Chedraui supermarket and the ADO bus station. Other locations such as along the beach road can be suspicious and be cautious that the card reader doesn't look tampered with (device sticking out or hard to insert card). There is a 3,000 to 8,000 peso daily withdrawal limit depending on your bank (ask them in advance).  In advance of your trip, we advise that you ask about your bank's international ATM fee. Also notify them that you will be using your ATM card, as well as credit card, outside of your home country. If you plan to use PayPal while traveling, go into the settings on your account and notify PayPal or you likely will be locked out of your account.


What should I pack for my trip?


Bring a pencil or pen and paper for class. Pack casual clothes, biodegradable sunscreen lotion,  hat, eco-friendly insect repellent, small flashlight, and passport (having a copy on your phone is recommended). 

Is there WiFi at the school?

Yes, WiFi is available free of charge for all students. Please note that WiFi is not 100% reliable in Tulum as there can be outages although they are typically short in duration.


Will my cellular phone work in Tulum?

Your cell phone company may have less expensive travel rates if you contact them before you travel. Disposable cellular phones are available for purchase in Tulum.

How do I register for Spanish classes?


Register online at www.


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