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"Chavitos" Spanish Program for Children

Class schedule (Monday through Friday)

8:00-8:50 am    Yoga (Tuesday through Friday, optional)
9:00-10:30        Classes begin
10:30-10:40      Break

10:40-12:00      Classes continue

5:00 pm            Optional: Mexican cooking, Salsa dance, Mexican crafts, more


Cost per child: 4,500 pesos per 15 hour week of Spanish classes

+$69usd life-time registration fee    Adult class rates >


Meztli Spanish Language School is the only school in the area that offers specially designed children's Spanish classes taught by qualified instructors:


  • Spanish classes are weekdays 9 am until noon all weeks of the year. Longer schedules can be arranged by request

  • Ages are typically 5* to 12 years, with teens preferring to join the adult classes.

  • Instructors are native Spanish speaking with a specialized training in teaching children second languages.

  • Meztli offers a thematic approach and age appropriate activities, including hands-on projects.

  • Lessons are based on each child's previous knowledge of the language, learning style, and special interests. Beginners also welcome.

  • Kids will advance at their own pace in courses of one week or longer.

  • The child’s specific learning ability and needs will be targeted.

  • Kids can join parents in evening Mexican cooking classes, dance lessons, and more.

*We don't want this class at Meztli to be your young child's first experience in a structured setting. Kids that have done well at school or day care usually adapt quite well and you can be in adult Spanish classes, nearby on the same campus.  Upon request we can give you a contact in Tulum to arrange your own nanny to come to your accommodation.

Tulum is very "kid friendly" with many area activities that families love including Meztli organized Tuesday afternoon and Saturday full-day excursions

A Few References....

Los ninos have fallen in love with La Escuela Meztli. They want to stay longer!   We have been very happy with our experiences aqui en Tulum and especially loved the school. Mil gracias!  We will be back and definitely give the school a very good recommendation.  You have a very good vision Sara!

Our family has had a wonderful experience at Meztli. We are especially impressed with Maistra Rosy and the work she did with our children! She is an amazing teacher for young children and adults alike.

My 6 and 8 year old daughters took classes at this school for 2 weeks.  Their teachers, Rosy and Mariana, were amazing!  They used games, art, and projects to making learning Spanish fun. My girls woke up every morning eager to attend class, which is no small feat during summer vacation. And their evening activities (art, board games, cooking and dancing) were so fun. A great opportunity to learn some history, gain more vocabulary and meet other students. I highly recommend this school to anyone visiting a Tulum!!!  Muchas gracias por todo!!!

Our child wasn't receptive to learning Spanish at the bilingual academy in which he is enrolled, they couldn't get him motivated. After two weeks at the children's program at Meztli last summer, we saw a complete change in his willingness to learn a new language this year and he is now excelling in the program. Thank you Meztli!!

The following posts from past Meztli students have been taken from TripAdvisor(R)


Took my children there last month and we ALL loved the experience and learned so much!! We will definitely be back someday, it was a delightful experience!

My husband, 5 year old son and I just finished studying at Meztli. I cannot say enough positive things about the experience. ALL of the teachers were wonderful. We each had a different teacher as I am intermediate level, and my son and husband are beginners. I had a crazy idea of having a family Spanish learning vacation and I had no idea how it was going to work out but it was FABULOUS. The setting of the school is delightful and central in Tulum. When you enter off the streets through a gorgeous antique wooden door, you enter a little paradise with garden paths winding through an expansive property with handmade mosaics built into the walls and benches and pathways. Important for all of us was that the classes were in lovely open-air palapas surrounded by gardens. My son's teacher, Rosy, was especially wonderful. She kept my son busy and engaged in FUN activities. He had no idea he was in school! He ran around the gardens whenever he needed to and got to walk around and learn about the neighborhood, the flowers and a taco stand. The crafts that Rosy engaged him in were brilliant. He made a necklace from pasta shells, as he learned to count in Spanish. The highlight of my experience was a guided tour (in Spanish, of course) with Sara, my teacher. She took me to a Mayan cemetery and church and we conversed in Spanish. Rather than correcting my Spanish as we talked, she took notes and after our excursion she reviewed all of the things that I screwed up. In addition to the wonderful classes, we were invited to events like yoga in spanish (my favorite). The teacher brought his flute and serenaded us as we relaxed at the end. Since I do yoga regularly in Austin, I was able to learn a lot of words for body parts and movements. There was also a lovely party celebrating a traditional holiday where you got the sense of a real community within the school, in which we felt centrally included. I would be happy to respond further if you have more questions. We are definitely returning to do this again!

Meztli was a magical experience for my son and me! The setting is exquisite. Sara and the crew are warm hearted, welcoming and extremely professional. The classes were individually designed for each of our needs...My son was singing songs, playing games, making friends and learning simple phrases while my classes were designed by Sara and Paola around my personal interests. I was reading a bit of poetry , discussing the politics and mayan culture on my level all while brushing up on long forgotten verb conjugations. We also took advantage of some. the extra classes offered by the school. I enjoyed yoga each morning of our 2 week visit and we both loved Daniel's cooking classes! Meztli was truly a springboard for a rich overall experience in Tulum. The crew made us feel like old friends and gave us the insider view and tips on their lovely city. We both made a great connection with our teachers ...Our time in Tulum definitely would not have been the same without Meztli.


Outdoor Campus

Kids learn Spansh through games
Children's Spanish and Yoga Classes
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