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Tulum, Mexico... Home of Meztli Spanish School

New!! Tulum Airport (TQO) is now open with more flights being added throughout 2024.

Located south of Cancún and Playa del Carmen is Tulum which located in Mexico's state of Quintana Roo. This Riviera Maya region is rich in history, nature reserves, cenotes, white sand beaches, fresh water canals, turquoise Caribbean waters, and emerald green jungles. Tulum is:

an archaeological site on the cliffs overlooking the Caribbean Sea is a popular tourist destination and was one of the last cities built and inhabited by the Maya; 


world famous beaches which feature a variety of hotels, restaurants, spas; 

​a lively town with a main street featuring a growing number of cafés, restaurants, bars, and music venues. You'll find stores, tour agencies, hotels, hostels, vacation rentals, car and bike rentals, gyms, and, of course, the popular Meztli Spanish Language School which is a few blocks off the main street.

Google maps are quite good at depicting the town of Tulum however walking distances are not clear:

Meztli Spanish School WALK time to...

Tulum's bus station - 5 minutes

Pizzeria Manglar in La Veleta neighborhood - 15 minutes

Scotia Bank on the main street - 20 minutes

Parque Colonia Huracanes - 25 minutes

Chedraui Supermarket - 30 minutes

A small store or taqueria - 2 minutes

Meztli Spanish School BIKE time to (scooters are a bit faster)...

public beach Mezzanine along Av. Coba's hike & bike path - 30 minutes

Chacabar Restaurant in Aldea Zama - 20 minutes

Bike rental companies are plentiful in the town of Tulum and Meztli offers secure bike parking inside the walled school campus.

Note that days are warm and humid so adjust your walk or bike time and be sure hydrate with electrolytes.

Bike purchases are available near Meztli at Ferreteria Mena Tulum at Calle sol poniente mza 4 lote 7-1 entre acuario sur y C, jupiter sur n.  Buying a bike then selling through area  Facebook groups can be cheaper than renting for a month or longer. There are many bike and scooter rental shops around Tulum.

Bus service to and from the Cancun airport airport the Tulum airport is offered through ADO bus line. Buy your ticket upon arrival.

Train service will begin early 2024. You can take the "Tren Maya" to and from the Cancun Airport and Tulum.

Car rental companies in Tulum will rent you a car for as short as an afternoon. Cancun and Tulum airports also offer car rental.

Taxis are available in Tulum and at the Tulum airport

Volunteering opportunities:

1) Los Amigos De La Esquina A.C. on Facebook

2) Street dog rescue located across from Burrito Amor in Tulum

3) Volunteer to teach English to local children, 1pm Thursdays at Meztli

Hotel and Hostels are all around the town of Tulum. Convenient to the school includes Xscape (swimming pool),  Aroma Tulum, Una Luna TulumCasa Colonial Village (swimming pool), Lychee Hotel (swimming pool). Plus Lum, Amorcito Corazón Tulum, Huaya Camp, Aerolito Tulum.  Also check out Chill Inn, Xkeken Hostel and Mama's Home on Hostel World or

Vacation rentals and hotels of varying rates are plentiful in Tulum. Summer rates are generally lower in price than the winter holiday months.  There are plenty of rental websites offering private rentals however be sure to check property reviews prior to booking. Ask the property owner/manager about the area and the amenities being offered.  Questions to ask include noise level, safety at night, bike/walk distance to Meztli Spanish School (located by Julio Rueles primary school on Júpiter sur manzana) and if there is parking available, if needed.

Staying at the Beach can be more expensive than staying in town. There are two roads going from the beach to Tulum town: Av. Kukulkan and Av. Coba  (marked 15 on maps). Finding a beach hotel near those intersections will limit the time it takes for you to drive (car or scooter) to town. The road that goes along the beach can be slow due to traffic.

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