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Meztli's Peer Group classes are the perfect opportunity to gain enough Spanish to navigate through Mexico and other Latin American countries. Past students have praised the Meztli program for teaching 'neutral Spanish' and giving them the confidence and vocabulary to meet the most common traveler's situations.

Meztli in Tulum has all levels of Spanish classes, including different beginning levels... let's say you already can communicate what is covered in the first week... then you will be placed in a more advanced week. Only have one week to study at Meztli and want to cover more travel situations? Sign up for our Semi-private classes that offer a combination of the Peer Group class with private lessons. 

Beginning Spanish students can expect to learn the following.

1st week: pronunciation, numbers, directions, emotions, daily routines (present tense)

please note that this syllabus is approximate, you may actually cover more each week depending on your learning abilities

​2nd week: buying things, descriptions (places and persons), transportation in taxi or bus, future plans, ordering food

3rd week: weather, more daily routines (reflexive verbs), existence (there is/are verb), looking for rooms (hotel transactions), me gusta verbs
Optional afternoon workshops at 5:00 pm continue the learning process with practice and vocabulary acquisition through enjoyable activities such as Mexican cooking class, Salsa dance, handicrafts, games and more. Your tuition rate covers all weekday activities mentioned here, study materials plus morning Yoga Tuesday through Friday.

Learn Spanish for Travel
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