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Student references

All Meztli students are asked to complete an evaluation at the end of their studies so that Meztli has continuous feedback in order to provide the very best service and Spanish language classes. On this page we've included some past Meztli student comments from these evaluations.

Meztli thanks Mikaela for submitting her video review (shown above)

Written reviews by students:

"This is a long review, but I have so many good things to say about this school!


I studied spanish language with Meztli for six weeks while I was in Tulum. It was an enriching experience and one that I will never forget. Everything was well organized; classes are held outside in a beautiful garden with professional and friendly instructors and the daily excursions/activites are a fun extra perk.


On the first day of your class you are welcomed by the staff and given valuable information on Tulum in general. Each new person has a quick private conversation with a teacher in order for them to assess your level, so that you are placed in the proper class.

Classes start at 9am and end at 10:50, where you have a ten minute break before the conversation portion of the class begins.


I attened three weeks of group class and three weeks private, and I enjoyed them both immensely. Classes are fun and well structured. I studied with Mo and Eric, and enjoyed the conversation classes with Augustin and Neto. Sara and Antonio were very flexible with the timing of my personal classes. The personalities of the instructors shine and you get the sense that they truly enjoy their work. The group class setting in the garden makes you feel like you're part of a big family.


I attended a cooking class with Rosa, who is the most adorable abuela and a really great chef. (Thank you Rosa, I have made chilaqules verde several times now!) I also did an excursion to the Sian Ka'an Biosphere with Neto, who was full of information on the history and biology of the area.


Finally, I have to give a huge shout out to Jose, who lives at the school and takes care of everything! Although I didn't stay at the school, Jose hooked me up with a bicycle for the duration of my stay in Tulum with a discount rate for an extended time. Gracias, Jose!


All in all, my experience with Meztli was a very positive one. I made new friends and I learned spanish. If you are thinking of studying spanish while you are in Tulum, do it at Meztli! You won't regret it!!


Gracias a todos en la escuela. Espero volver el próximo año!"



"Meztli is a family of funny, grounded and compassionate educators. I learned the language and Mexican culture but also, which public beaches, cenotes and restaurants to visit. The intimate knowledge they possess of Tulum is priceless.

My principal teacher, Lilly, used enjoyable methods to develop my areas of weakness. We read comical short stories by Mexican authors. These stories allowed me to practice my expression while at the same time exposed me to the culture. She facilitated my growth by listening, questioning and creating space for me to speak and write. I was fortunate to have this profesora nata.

I visited during a quiet period of their year with few other students. Despite a seaweed infested Tulum, the community at Metzli made sure I had plenty of opportunities to socialize and continue my language development. The cooking classes in the evenings were both instructive and delicious."


"Sara!! Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful and magical experience for us students. I loved every moment at Meztli and feel grateful to you for your hard work and your vision. Thank you for everything and I hope to be back soon!"


"Hello, My partner and I attended Meztli in December 2019 and all I have is great thing to say. The teachers are all very friendly, knowledgeable, interesting people! They will meet you at your level and help you progress rapidly. It is a full immersion experience and english is only used in order to help you learn when you really don't understand. You will receive materials in spanish, have conversations in spanish, and do everything in spanish! That being said if you are new to speaking spanish they will speak as much english as you need, so don't worry there. I personally felt that being able to hear native spanish speakers talking all the time was extremely helpful. Also, they will help you have a much more enjoyable experience in Tulum and the surrounding area in general. The staff provide great recommendations for everything! Lodging, Food, Adventures, as well as many there amazing local insights. I feel like I would not have enjoyed myself half as much without attending the school. Another thing to be aware, and that I highly recommend, is that you attend the extra activities that they offer. It's of amazing value and gives you a great opportunity to connect with other students, and the teachers more. They have cooking classes, Salsa dancing, Art classes, and other excursions on the weekends. Did i mention everything but the excursions are free?! It's kind of amazing. Another thing to note is the classroom setting is fabulous. It is outdoors underneath these shade structures known as Palapas. This is literally a breath of fresh air compared to an indoor classroom setting. there were even a day or two when it was raining and we were under the structures enjoying class and it was pretty magical. I can personally say that after 10 days at this school my spanish improved approximately 500%. I highly recommend this place and I think you will not regret choosing it! Buenos suerte y desfrutas Mexico. Buen Viaje!"


"Please thank Sara, Guido, Augustin, Daniella and all the staff for making our time at Meztli so thoroughly enjoyable. I have left a review on Google, but it does not say enough about the wonderful, calm and efficient atmosphere which you have created in Tulum. If only the whole world was like it. Abrazos de Inglaterra"

Philip, Mourijn & Emma

"it was a truly great experience- all your staff were top notch and contributed to making it a successful week- and I will continue to recommend Meztli to folks."


"I truly do not think anyone could have done a better job with Helen and me than Agustin did.  It was by the hardest that he managed to coax conversation out of the two us.  He is very pleasant and well educated and he worked hard with us."

Sherry L

"I was so thankful for the individual attention I received. I also loved the way we discussed topics in class in a completely conversational way. To be honest, I was a little skeptical before I began. To my pleasant surprise, it far exceeded my expectations. As a teacher, I really appreciated all of the teaching techniques (visuals, on-the-spot corrections, etc.)."


"Awesome! I found the teaching style really worked for me & I learned far more than expected. All my teachers & everyone in the school were lovely. Thank you so much and I'll see you next time."


"Hola todos juntos!! El tiempo con ustedes fue increíble y los experiencias en la familia y tambien en la escula fueron impressionante!! Nunca voy a olvidar todo que ustedes hicieron y nunca voy a olvidar este lugar tan bonito con su gente amablisimo! Que ustedes tengan un buen tiempo! Hasta la Vista"

"We'd love to come back one day! We've been amazed by how much we learned in 3 weeks & what we've been able to discuss (politics, etc.) Muchas gracias!"


"Exceeded my expectations. Very organized program & very professional and responsive teachers. Un buen experiencia."


"I had a wonderful time during the week. From having no Spanish background, I really feel like I learned so much and feel much more comfortable with espanol!"


"This was an extraordinary experience for me. I learned so much and hope to continue learning Spanish & return again to Meztli school one day. The instructors were all very upbeat & encouraging - made me feel welcome every day!"


"Your program is of high regard around the world, I even met two students in San Pedro whom attended Meztli and had nothing but amazing things to say re all of you, your program, your school and learning environment you are offering."


"My group challenged me, but was not too much. It stretched me, which was very good"


"Thank you for helping me have a really good time learning Spanish. It felt like more than just going to school, more like coming to a friend's or family's house. The teacher are perfectly nice and helpful and doing a really good job with their method of teaching. I also love how you put so much thought, heart, and soul into the facilities and activities. It was a very enjoyable experience and I learned a lot!"


Google reviews: do a Google search on Meztli Spanish School and see what past students have to say.

Speaking with some locals I got the advice to check out "Meztli".

I took my bicycle one morning and drove to the end of the Town (no worries, Tulum is VERY small and it took me just 5min) and ended up standing in front of a Mexican tropical garden. I knocked and Sara (the nicest (Spanish) teacher ever) opened the door with a big welcoming smile and greeted me with the words "Hola! Cómo estás?" and I felt right away that's exactly the place I was looking for to learn Spanish.

After you get in, you will find yourself in a big private tropical garden where you will have your Spanish lessons (always in the cool comfortable shade of the huge trees). The atmosphere and the vibe at this place is perfect. It's quiet, only some tropical birds you will hear singing around and even on a hot day it's a nice temperature there because of the lush tropical garden that cool down the place pretty well.

When you sign up for classes at Meztli you possibly get teached by Sara a beautiful nice and polite Mexican woman that loves her profession to teach her mother language Spanish to students from all over the world. I'm a person that has not the biggest talent to learn a new language but Sara made it very easy and understandable (even for me) and in a very short time I was able (and not afraid) to start speaking with locals my first few sentences in Spanish.

All in all is this THE PLACE TO BE if you wanna learn Spanish in one of the most interesting countries in the world... MEXICO

Thank you Sara for that wonderful time! :-)"
Andreas, Germany and Australia

"I had a great time in Metzli, I learnt so much Spanish I could not believe. The whole place is so relaxing, Sara and Mauricio were lovely, yoga in the morning... What a great experience!"

Vedran, Switzerland


"I was recommended Spanish lessons with Sara by quite a few different people and after my 1st class I understood why. Sara understands that each student learns languages differently and adapts each class for you. Her attention to detail, patience, excellent teaching skills, stimulating exercises and fun personality are the reason my Spanish has improved so much and I recommend her to everyone."
Dalia, Australia holistic vet

"I enjoyed everything about my time at Meztli. The language learning, the optional classes, the opportunity to take an excursion if I had wanted too, the lush garden, the hospitality of Sara and her family, and a very well organized an well thought out program."

Judith A. from Massachusetts

"I thoroughly enjoyed my classes all summer with Nelly. As a proficient Spanish speaker myself, I found her to take my communication and grammar to a whole other level. Her expertise of the language is phenomenal. She is professional, patient, and made learning fun. You cannot beat the location either. Learning Spanish under a palapa in the Maya Riviera....unforgettable."

Paula, physical therapist and yoga instructor

"Ich kann den Einzelunterricht mit Sara nur empfehlen. Der Unterricht ist gut strukturiert und Sara versucht immer, das jeweilige Thema meinen Interessen anzupassen (Musikvideos, Zeitungsartikel, etc.). Es gibt kein Lehrbuch, das man Seite für Seite durcharbeitet, statt dessen versucht man, das Gelernte spielerisch oder durch das Erzählen von Geschichten/Erlebnissen praktisch umzusetzen und zu festigen. Ich glaube, ich habe noch nie so viel gelacht und Spaß gehabt beim Erlernen einer neuen Sprache wie mit Sara."

Angela & Martin, Deutschland Bäckermeister

"My children were very receptive to the kids Spanish classes at Meztli and now they are asking when we can return for more lessons and fun. It is a fabulous program and the instructors are very caring and energetic."

Karyn, home school mom

"The website is accurate. Sherry replied quickly and answered my questions immediately so was able to decide about this school. I am very impressed by teaching, materials, facilities and extra activities. I highly recommend to all who want to learn Spanish."

Maki, Japan

"I really enjoyed my classes at Meztli this week. Aura is a gifted teacher, and provided a great introduction to the subjunctive. The cooking class with Rosy was a great bonus; she too is a wonderful teacher – I learned a lot of new vocabulary.... The school seems to attract a really nice group of students, the teachers are welcoming and friendly, and it is very professionally managed. It was a great experience - thank you."

Yvette, Mexico traveler


"TOP NOTCH FROM THE BEGINNING...Sarah follows up promptly to all communication and is super helpful in setting up classes, explaining pricing, helping me find accommodations, directions, etc...  

The school is in a great location off the far end of the main road as you leave Tulum away from Cancun....very easy to get to by bicycle and close to restaurants and activities.  The orientation on the first Monday is in English and super helpful in orienting new Spanish Speakers to the area so they get the most out of the experience.  They offer discounts on bike rentals (cheapest rates I found) and are super helpful with helping to find affordable accommodations.  Sara is "spot on" in her placement tests.  I felt the class I landed in was PERFECT for my level.  The teachers are super approachable and very good at not putting students on the spot - they all made me feel welcome and comfortable practicing my Spanish.  I go to immersion schools all over "Spanish Speaking" areas in various countries.  This one is by far my favorite - These people got immersion school down to a science....The activities they offer are really fun too, though I tend to venture out on my own usually.  I took Salsa, and it was a lot of fun.  It is helpful to practice spanish in the social setting with the instructors because they speak slowly and are very patient - they make you feel at ease and not self conscience nor intimidated to try and speak and understand....LOVE THIS SCHOOL   - I'll be back."

Kim, retired


"I really enjoyed my time here and I'm sad to leave. I think the classes and activities are all amazing, but the best part might be the people and friendly atmosphere. I think everyone leaves here happier than when they first arrived. Gracias por todo! Voy a regresar en el futuro!"

Stacey, intermediate Spanish

"I enjoyed this school very much! I will definitely be back for much longer!

Casey, surf instructor


"The method is excellent with mixed teaching techniques. I will recommend it to others and look forward to returning"

Robin, beginning student

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