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Rooms next to Meztli, Host Families & Other Accommodations in Tulum, Mexico

1) Casitas next to Meztli

There are two casitas with patio and lush garden offered by property owner, Lisa, located next door to Meztli Spanish School. For one person, the nightly rate is 975 pesos including a full, fresh made to order breakfast with coffee in the garden (have it before 8am yoga at Meztli, if you like). For double occupancy, the rate is 1100 pesos.  If you like, join the family next door for meals at 2:00 pm and/or 8:00 pm for a 100 pesos each and practice your Spanish with a local family.  Just let the cook Alicia know if you have any dietary requirements or would prefer to eat alone.

Each casita has its own electronic locking door with an additional locked door on the street that provides a patio entrance to the two units.  Each includes a private bath with hot water, two comfortable twin beds, table and chairs for studying, storage cupboard, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and purified drinking water.  Plus weekly housekeeping is provided. A compact refrigerator is available for a small fee.  Non-smoking property.   more photos here >> 

Lisa may have other offerings by the school, we can put you in contact with her upon request.   Ask Lisa about long term or seasonal discounts. If you are arriving in Tulum without having secured accommodations, Meztli would be happy to check last minute availability for you.  Email Meztli at

Location of Meztli Spanish School Tulum, Mexico

2) Stay with a local family

You'll immerse yourself in the Mexican lifestyle and Spanish language when you stay with a local Tulum host family arranged by Meztli Spanish Language School. Offering friendly and comfortable accommodations located in the town of Tulum, host families provide a single or double room, WiFi, and up to three daily meals.  This homestay option is the best choice for students who really want to move quickly through the Spanish immersion process. You choose your arrival and departure dates, any day of the week is fine. Families are just a bike ride from the school and shops in town and the family will loan you the bike (saving you money on bike rental fees).

Meztli is the only school in Tulum to offer host families with over 4 years experience hosting international students. We ask each student to evaluate their stay so we can ensure that new students have a very positive experience. When registering please make requests such as vegetarian meals so Meztli housing director can make just the right selection for you.


Host family rate INCLUDES a bike to use and WiFi:

1,100 pesos per person, per night including 3 daily meals (including vegetarian, vegan)

900 pesos per person, per night including continental breakfast only (no cooking privileges in the home)

Your host family will have breakfast for you before your optional yoga and Spanish lessons begin. The mid-afternoon and evening meals won't interfere with Mexican cooking classes, Salsa classes and other daily offerings provided by Meztli Spanish Language School. And if you want to try one of Tulum's fabulous restaurants, no problem, just let your family know in advance that you won't be eating with them.

We need you to have the free texting app WhatsApp on your phone so we can connect you to your host family a week before you are set to arrive.

3) Vacation rentals and hotels of varying rates are plentiful in Tulum, however winter holidays should be booked well in advance. Summer rates are generally lower in price.  There are plenty of rental websites offering private rentals.

Tulum is growing and more hotels and hostels are popping up. Convenient to the school includes Xscape (swimming pool), Aroma Tulum, Una Luna Tulum, Lychee Hotel (swimming pool). Plus Lum, Amorcito Corazón Tulum, Huaya Camp and Aerolito Tulum.

If you'd like to stay with a host family while studying at Meztli, we will ask you to answer these questions so we can make the best selection for you...

Your name & Whatsapp number:

1. Some families are a 15 minute bike ride to the school (the family will loan you a bike). Ok?

2. Would you mind a host family with children under 12 years old?

3. Would a pet inside or outside the home be a problem?

4. Is a private bathroom a requirement?

5. Three meals a day (1,100 pesos/night) or continental breakfast (900 pesos/night).

6. Other: Food allergies or dietary requirements? Parking? No stairs?

7. Housing arrival and departure date:     Do you expect date changes?


On a budget....

There are many hostels in the town of Tulum however for many properties you'll want to rent a bike to ride to school. Tulum is bike friendly! Check the internet for a listing of properties.


Staying at the Beach

At the beach, about 3 k from the town of Tulum you’ll find many hotels by doing an online search.  Rates are typically higher at the beach hotels however you will find a range of accommodations.  A hike and bike trail connects the town and the beach.