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About Tulum, Mexico... Home of Meztli Spanish Language School

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Located south of Cancún's international airport is Tulum in Mexico's state of Quintana Roo. This Riviera Maya region is rich in history, nature reserves, cenotes (sinkholes) with caverns and caves, snow-white sand beaches, turquoise Caribbean waters, and emerald green jungles. Tulum is generally thought of as having three distinct regions: 


Tulum archaeological site on the cliffs overlooking the Caribbean Sea is a popular tourist destination and was one of the last cities built and inhabited by the Maya; 

Tulum beaches which feature "eco-chic" hotels, restaurants, spas, as well as rustic cabaña accommodations; 

Tulum town, a growing small town with a variety of restaurants, bars, music venues, internet cafés, stores, tour agencies, hotels, hostels, vacation rentals, car and bike rentals, gyms, and, of course, the popular Meztli Spanish Language School which is downtown in "el Centro".


In Tulum you’ll find a very diverse population and the influence of many different cultures: locals (Maya and Mexicans), expatriates from around the world, and tourists and travelers just passing through or staying for an extended time. The vibe of Tulum clearly differs from the other destinations along the Riviera Maya, such as the large cities of Cancún and Playa del Carmen. Tulum has no big hotels, cruise ship ports, or mass tourism, it has the air of a small town and is the ideal starting point for a variety of experiences and excursions.


Tulum is much more than a beach photos >>

Tulum is ancient Maya culture,

Tulum is bicycle friendly, 

Tulum is cenotes, swimming, diving, snorkeling, kiteboarding, ziplines, salsa dancing, and so much fun!

And Tulum is studying Spanish with the immersion method at Meztli Spanish Language School!

Offering Spanish language courses with yoga classes and Mexican cooking to students of all nationalities and all language abilities. Affordable private or peer group adult Spanish classes or children's Spanish programs, for one week or longer, are available every week of the year. 

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